“Dreams become a reality only when you pull them gently from the clouds and convert them to visions.”  

-Dave Ramsey



Vision is key to sustaining motivation for yourself and those around you.  In The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni lays out a set of six questions that he feels will help organizations create clarity.  The first of the six questions is ‘Why do we exist?” Lencioni suggests the answer to this question should be something just short of “to make the world a better place.”  A vision is something that will likely never change for and organization.  It should inspire and fulfil.  It should be something people can get passionate about.  Our vision at Mavidea is to “Have fun serving others.”  How cool is that?  Our vision at internrocket is to “Help people do what they were designed to do.”  That just gets me fired up everytime I see it.

 A takeaway from Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey.

What is your organization’s vision?  Have you heard of any inspiring visions worth sharing?  How about resources for developing visions? Also, as always comments re: good books, takeaways, stories, and/or lessons learned would be the coolest but anything is cool.