“Dreaming is a sign you have hope.  Dreaming is a sign you still think you can win.  Dreaming keeps you young.”

-Dave Ramsey


Sailing regatta, during sunset.

Dreaming is important.  I once learned a lesson to harness my dreaming potential into something entrepreneurial.  The tactic started with a simple human hack.  Here’s the hack:

When you get frustrated or even simply inconvenienced, train yourself to take a note.

Often these inconveniences turn into companies.  The idea is, if you are inconvenienced, frustrated, or even in pain – someone else might be feeling the same thing.  Maybe a lot of people are and you can help them!  This is a simple way  you can find an opportunity to serve lots of people.  Pretty cool for something that started out as a pain in the rear huh?

If you know you are destined to be an entrepreneur but are looking for your big idea, try asking your friends and family to keep a similar log and send you their notes from time to time.  Did you ever think listening to someone complain could be a gold mine? It can.

 A takeaway from Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey.

Anyone have any examples of companies that started this way?  How about inconveniences of your own that might make a company?