Do Not Pursue Perfection

I want you to grab hold of this principle because it will change your life — if you will simply make the most of where you are, God will do the rest.

-Tony Evans

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In his fourth commandment to making money Rabbi Lapin suggests that we should not pursue perfection, especially at the expense of the practical.  Do not let a fixation with a perfect future distract you from the next best thing, which is in fact, the best thing – since of course, perfection does not exist.

I remember the first time I had an idea for a company that I knew would change the world.  Looking back it was so, perfect.  Perfect in its conception and birth.  Perfect in its infancy and perfect all the way through to its maturity as I laughed my way to the bank.  Like many first time entrepreneurs, when I first had the idea my thoughts on next steps immediately turned to raising money.  A magical meeting.  The perfect pitch.  Rainbows and unicorns and little bunnies that go for afternoon tea with foxes.

In the real world bunnies that hang around foxes get eaten.  In the real world ideas that wait on a magical meetings die.  I was so naive.  When I was out looking for my magical meeting,  focusing on money I did not have, I was neglecting everything I did have.

I got my magical meeting.  The pitch was perfect.  And the result: I got my first “not right now, but lets stay in touch, ok?”  Most investors do not say ‘no’.  They say ‘not right now.’  Which I believe is their way of saying ‘no, but maybe if you actually do something good I might say yes.’  Key phrase here being ‘do something.’

Once I decided to do what I could with what I had, it worked. I had all I needed to get to the first step.  And when I got there, the things I needed to get to the next step were provided.

Sometimes I think we are too smart for our own good.  From the starting block we can see three or four steps out.  We can also see that we do not have what it will take to get past step three.  A smart person then says ‘why bother starting until I have what I need to get past step three?’  A wise person knows once you complete step one you often learn what you thought about the next steps will likely change.  What you thought you needed, how you might come to have what you need, or even what the next step is…

If you have an idea for a quicker, better, faster but the resources for the ultimate are not available right now: do not wait for them.  Hack it together.  There is always a way.  If it works at all, if it is at all useful – you will be surprised at how quickly what you need to take the idea to the next level will come.  He is faithful.

-A takeaway from Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin


As always good books, takeaways, stories, and/or lessons learned on the subject would be the coolest.