Entreleaders Are Powerful – part 1

“To be a real Entreleader you have to realize you have great power but seldom use it.”  

-Dave Ramsey   


This reminds me of a lesson I learned from a mentor of mine who started his career at an accounting firm we all know.  Through his position at this firm he often found himself at board type meetings with very powerful people.  Over time he noticed something particular about how these people with great power conducted themselves in large meetings.  Something that I felt was not obvious or intuitive to a young entrepreneur with new found position and power – but maybe it was just me.  He told me that he noticed most people with real power and authority rarely made definitive statements.  That is they rarely wielded it.  Instead they would mostly listen and ask great questions (two other classic leadership traits that I’m still working on).  Interesting.

 A takeaway from Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey.


Why do you suppose they did this?  

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