What’s this blog all about?

Success vs. failure

One of my mentors gave me an audio CD that changed my life.  In The Art of Exceptional Living Jim Rohn talked about success and failure in an interesting way.

  • Success: A few simple disciplines practiced everyday

  • Failure: A few errors in judgement repeated everyday

Exercise the day of your physical and your doctor won’t notice. Exercise each day the week, or two, or three leading up to your appointment and she still might not notice. But exercise each day for a month, two or three and your health will improve.

Don’t exercise for a day and you’ll be alright.  For a week or two or three, you’ll be ok. But don’t exercise for a year, two years, or ten and you’re headed for trouble.

Getting better

From what I’ve learned so far, getting better is all about intentionality.  Pick out things you want to get better at and seeking out ideas.  Ideas in to habits that we add to our everyday life, often times replacing bad ones with good.  Books, I have found most useful in this quest. If we’re intentional with our conversations we can also find these ideas from others in the form of stories, lessons learned, advice, etc.

The blog

As a result of all this I’ve come to love to read, hunt for, and in general, geek out on ideas and habits towards progress.  

Here are some of the areas I am trying to get better at and what I will be blogging about:

  • being a Christian
  • being a better husband,
  • being a better entrepreneur,
  • being a better leader, and
  • being healthier.